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New Patient Reviews

  • Very thorough and helpful – feel hopeful of a pain free night and sleep!
    -Elizabeth W.
  • Very professional but also nice and friendly.
    -Dave C.
  • I wish I’d gone to see Joanne earlier! I feel so positive and hopeful just after 1st visit! I wanted to give Joanne a cuddle – she’s amazing!
    -Tracy W.
  • I found the staff to be extremely helpful and welcoming with warm, genuine smiles. Having initially felt anxious about my visit, I found myself at ease while being examined and left feeling better than I had for months!
    -Erin T.
  • Very good experience, warm welcome. Very friendly staff. Very professional but welcoming too.
    -Heather A.

Lovely Staff

Lovely staff, welcoming and relaxing. I al ways feel satisfied and well
looked after so we were happy to take our new baby son for a complimentary
session with Joanne. A free treatment for babies is a great service and has
been a calm and reassuring experience for me and baby. He was completely at
ease during and after the treatment. Thank you!

~Marie P.

Very Helpful

Joanne was very helpful, knowledgeable and professional. I felt that my concerns were addressed sufficiently and comprehensively. Stress regarding my issues has been alleviated and I'm keen to get on the road to recovery knowing that my conditions have been accurately diagnosed. Would recommend!

~Neil A.

Excellent Visit

Excellent first visit. Everything fully explained, not rushed. Home exercises demonstrated. Best of all, can feel the benefit so quickly after the first visit. All I can say is a big thank you!

~John C.

In Safe Hands!

I felt in safe hands!

~Emma A.

Pleased With Treatment

Didn't know what to expect from first visit but came away from it feeling very hopeful and pleased with the treatment I received, would highly recommend to everyone.

~Helen P.


For once in my life I felt like someone is actually going to help me fix my back. I have been to physiology loads of times over the years and get no where. Joanne was amazing.

~Ashley M.

Warm And Friendly

Both Marlene in reception and Joanne were professional but warm and friendly! I was offered tea / coffe / water on arrival. My consultation felt unhurried and Joanne really listened. The symptoms I described made sense to her and later when she explained her thoughts on it, they finally made sense to me. I look forward to commencing further treatment.

~Eleanor W.

Very Impressed

Everyone was telling me I was paranoid when I said I could feel a rib out. "It's just swelling." or "It was probably always like that." Was the feedback I usually got. I knew something was up. Sure enough without me even telling her. She found it and fixed it. Very impressed.

~Adam T.

Back Pain Is Gone

I have had back pain for a long time. The constant pain and stiffness became a way of life. I learned to know my limitations and there was many things I would have liked to do but didn't for fear of making my condition worse. For the last 3 weeks my condition got worse. I blamed lots of things and in desperation to feel better I booked an appointment. Glad I did. My pain is linked to other complications I never thought about. I have had treatment and can honestly say I feel like a new person. The pain is gone, the stiffness is gone how good it feels to be pain free. Thoroughly recommend this.

~Sonja R-H.

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