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Our wonderful masseuse, Abby, can help you take care of your aches, pains, tensions, or simply help you relax.  Massage can also work extremely well as a co-treatment to your chiropractic care.

Each appointment will be tailored to how your body is feeling and what it is struggling with on the day.                      That could be deep tissue, relaxation (Swedish), lymphatic drainage or a combination of all.

Your first appointment will be a 60-minute new patient massage and moving forward, you and Abby will decide whether a longer or shorter appointment is more suited to your needs.



Massage Prices

New patient: £60 (60 mins)  The new patie??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????nt appointment is a 60 minute massage and will include a discussion about your medical history and a chat about how your body is  feeling and what it’s currently struggling with.  This will usually take 15 minutes or so, and the remainder of your hour will be for your massage.

40 Minute Massage: £50

60 Minute Massage: £60

Specialist Massage: £70 (80 mins)  Pregnancy massage /  Hot Stones massage  /  Extra long, full body massage




Call us on 01595 690988 to make a booking



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