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Lerwick Chiropractor, Joanne Middleton

Joanne Middleton, Shetland Chiropractor

Joanne Middleton, Shetland Chiropractor

Miracles do Happen!

I never knew what I wanted to do when I left school at 18. I had an inexhaustible passion for learning about the structure and workings of the human body, which led me to Glasgow University to gain an honors degree in physiology and neuroscience. I hoped to find a career that would satisfy my craving for knowledge and desire to help people. During my final year there I met a very charismatic man at a conference who believed he was part of the most rewarding profession in the world. He claimed he saw miracles in his practice every day. He was a chiropractor.

I was Skeptical

I have to admit, I was skeptical at first, but he caught my interest. He invited me to spend a day with him at his practice. His first patient of the morning was a woman, in her early 30s. Her husband carried her through the clinic doors into his office. She hadn’t been able to bear her own weight for 8 months, since the birth of their twin girls. Her legs gave way every time and her back pain was excruciating. She was crying. I was shocked.

After talking to her and examining her, the chiropractor told her what her problem was and how he was going to treat her. He adjusted 3 joints in her lower back and asked her to stand up and come back in 3 days. She stood up and walked out without any support. Her journey to recovery had begun.

Chiropractic Education

That’s all it took. I knew chiropractic was the profession for me. I finished my degree in Glasgow and enrolled to study chiropractic at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth, Dorset. 4 years later I graduated with my Doctorate in chiropractic and I’ve never looked back.

Joanne and her son Aaron

Joanne and her son Aaron

Chiropractic is a great profession. The ability to provide relief to someone in pain is a great reward. Even more rewarding is seeing people leave my practice healthier, happier, and able to do all the things they enjoy in life – be that sleeping better, playing with their children, getting back to their favorite sport, or simply getting back to work.

Away from Shetland Chiropractic

Away from the clinic you’ll find me spending time with my family on our croft with our 4 crazy dogs, 19 lovely hens and lots of sheep! Here’s a picture of me and my son Aaron (who is 19 now!!). He has had regular chiropractic care since he was 4-hours old!

So, welcome to chiropractic and our website. I hope it informs you, inspires you, and even entertains you a little. I’ll look forward to welcoming you to Shetland Chiropractic .

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